Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Very Special Evening in Iwakuni

Our anniversary celebration took us to Bluebird Restaurant in downtown Iwakuni. It was tucked away in an alley, so it's a good thing Joe was looking at the Iwakuni Foodie page for hints! We were the only people in the restaurant the entire time, so that was a little awkward. We also got off to a rough start because we always forget to carry a significant amount of yen on us. Credit cards and ATMs are not nearly as ubiquitous as they are in the US. I really dislike carrying and handling cash, so this is a major cultural hurdle for me! 

Before I digress any further, let me say the food was outstanding! The decor inside reminds me of an old diner in northern Michigan - naugahyde upholstery, floral patterns from the 70s, etc... - but the cuisine was unexpectedly good. 

I used to feel really uncomfortable taking pictures of food, but now I like that it gives me an extra moment or two to appreciate the plating. I also like it because I can go back after the meal and savor the pictures all over again. 

Without further ado, check out our anniversary meal. Two years of marriage are best celebrated with a delicious Japanese steak, if you were wondering.

Prosciutto, shrimp on a buttery lemon slice, quiche, and a seafood (?) roll with mint leaf
Pumpkin (actually squash) and corn soup with croutons and decorative cream swirl
Wedge of bread with flaky top and a bacon cheddar roll
 Spring salad with peeled tomato, smoked salmon, and a lemon wedge alongside mixed veggies in a gelatin mold.

Shrimp croquette in phyllo dough diamond with a rich white sauce
Best steak of my life. Medium rare.
Top: Cake with unexpected fresh peach slices in the frosting. Bottom: Melon sorbet, halved fig, sesame ice cream
The older man and woman who run Bluebird Restaurant also made sure our evening had a splash of white wine for me, beer for Joe, and organic Jamaican coffee with dessert to send us home. On our way out the door, they also presented us with sesame cookies. We were so surprised by the hospitality and would love to go back again. 

The experience also made me extra thankful that we don't have any food sensitivities. We ordered from the fixed price menu and simply hoped that we would like everything offered to us. Luckily, we did!

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  1. With food as attractive as this, definitely take pictures! Some of us will never see food so colorful and nicely arranged. Glad to hear it was also tasty.