Sunday, September 4, 2011


My new friend Kimberly took me to meet her Japanese friends at a great restaurant in Miyajima. Joe and I went to Miyajima Island once before, and discovered Bluebird Cafe in the midst of my cafe withdrawal crisis. It's a tiny place with a cozy second floor full of windows. On this trip, we were just stopping for a quick "frapresso" for the train ride home, so we stayed on the first floor. We discovered that there is a friendly cat that lives inside! Adorable.

Here is a quick snapshot of the immediate entrance of the cafe:

Talk about an efficient work space! Everything is prepared in a tiny corner of what looks like a deconstructed mail truck. The young owner is incredibly friendly, speaks great English, and has a selection of international goodies to take home as well. Kimberly found Belgian chocolate cookies to take home, but I fell into choice paralysis after seeing all the tasty delights. No fear though, there will definitely be a next time!

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