Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hiking Seven Falls

Here in Iwakuni, I have the opportunity to hear really great "small world" stories. I was jealous that I would never get to bump into someone from my past on a military installation because no one in Michigan besides my husband is affiliated with the military (I'm exaggerating, but not very much). Strangely enough, just today I saw our scuba instructor from Okinawa on base! I'm in the club now!

Our hiking trip began with another such "small world" story. Joe saw Kristen, a former classmate at the Naval Academy, at the Officer's Club ("O-Club") on base and we all had a few drinks together. Kristen is a great person; really fun to talk to and very accomplished. She built her own wooden kayak, lives in Guam, and flies helicopters in the Navy! We got to chatting about our bucket lists for traveling in Japan and Seven Falls came up. We had been planning to go for a while, but laziness was trumping adventure. Kristen said she really wanted to go and I locked in the plan for Joe and myself. We decided to go the next morning!

It takes around two hours to get to Seven Falls from Iwakuni and it's not too hard to find. We got directions in English from the ITT (Information, Tours, and Travel) office and headed out with Eddie in tow. He is a fantastic car dog, by the way! Very calm and cuddly. The hike itself was challenging but having a tiny puppy to set the pace helped keep our muscles cool. We took lots of pictures on the hike, check out some below:
"What is that!? Joe, take a picture!"
Just when you think you're getting used to Japan, you see a white dog with ears dyed hot pink on the side of the road.
Luring Eddie along the trail.
Walking Eddie along the path
One of the picture perfect falls
What a refreshing lagoon!
Family Portrait
Ryubi Falls
We were getting pretty high up at this point
Kristen climbed down to clear leaves off the information plaque
Five-fingers ad!
Eddie loves waterfalls.

Didn't quite get the jump shot on time, but cool picture anyway
"I don't want to stop for pictures. Onward, please!"

Pitch black cave we went through to get up the mountain
Strolling along a manicured path
Cave ahead!
The view was definitely worth it!
Another angle from the top

Gorgeous tree surviving at the top of the mountain

Picnic in the sun
Chacos ad :)

 Click play for a video from the top of the mountain. MEGA BONUS: Watch Eddie fly :)

Trying not to smash Eddie on the way down the mountain
THIS is the way down? A ladder?!
Problem solved. Pup in a bag!
Off they go! I was dying of laughter but headed down after Kristen. She said Eddie calmed down after he saw me come after him.
So there is an abbreviated trip to Seven Falls! Not pictured: me sliding down the side of the mountain on my butt after losing my footing, getting my first skinned knee of the last 15 years, or the hoards of normally politely indifferent Japanese crying out "KAWAII!" upon sight of Eddie. 

It was a beautiful day for a hike! I can't wait to go again in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. Love it. 

And of course, Eddie's first staircase ascent:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful falls and scenery, absolutely adorable "pup in a bag"!!!

  2. You guys crack me up! Eddie is too cute! Seven Falls with Eddie and Heather is on my Iwakuni bucket list!!