Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Workin' on my fitness.

I finally went to my first group fitness class here in Iwakuni! I was nervous that it would be too advanced or the people would be clique-y and make me feel uncomfortable, but it was so great. 

Working out has definitely taken a backseat for me this year. Like, the backseat of a bus - many, many rows back. For a while, it was because I had thyroid surgery and was feeling the effects of --you know-- not having a thyroid. I was lethargic and had very little energy or motivation to even go for a long walk. I really surprised myself at the Kintai Bridge Lighting this week when I was walking all over the park area, from bridge to bridge and didn't feel tired at all. I know it sounds pathetic, but when we first moved to Japan, Joe and I went exploring this beautiful landmark and I was tired after just getting out of the car and walking around enough to enjoy the trees and view. 

Anyway, I went to the bridge lighting all by myself (cue Celine Dion) and realized I've come a really long way since March. I feel like my levels are in check and I have motivation to work up a sweat once in a while. I put the group fitness schedule in a prominent place in my house yesterday and finally got some workout shorts. Side note: I bought my first workout shorts since 10th grade yesterday. Judge as you will!

Our yoga instructor here in Iwakuni is so great. She has an English accent and a great sense of humor. The class was definitely not too advanced, though she gives options for your degree of strength and flexibility. The class was also over half male. WHAT!? The only dudes I'd seen doing yoga before were stringy hippies wearing too-short shorts.

I think my body is going to go from an unfortunate pretzel rod to a nice, twistable pretzel soon. Ahhh.

I totally believe that sharing a goal with others helps keep me accountable, so here's my modest goal: I'm going to make it to yoga twice a week. Ask me about this in a few weeks so I can brag about my progress or feel guilty about my fitness neglect! Thanks :)


  1. You go, girl! "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." :)

  2. So glad your metabolism is catching up to you!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! It's so true.

  4. Heather,

    You may be interested in a Fitocracy Invite. It's a fun way to both keep track of your fitness level and keeps you accountable.

    I have invites to Fitocracy, the social game you play to level up your fitness. Snag one using this link! http://ftcy.co/qhCQJB