Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kawaii Cappuccino

This next subject, cappuccino, hardly makes up for the fact that there are no cafes on base or near base. However, there are places in the surrounding area where you can commission a beautiful piece of artwork in your froth. 

"I'm a cat that snuck into your coffee!"

"I'm just a bear!"
The two places that are best are L Style Cafe by the train station and Primavera which is hidden away past Mike's Tex-Mex down a side street by the Eneos gas station over the bridge. I've had a chance to go by myself, with Joe, and with a fabulous group of girlfriends/co-workers. A bonus of going with a group is being able to take pictures of everyone's cappuccino! 
Sleeping bunny! Just turn your head :)


The coffee below was for my friend Chaplain Skelton. We were celebrating her birthday and this was definitely the most appropriate one for her!

Bear friends

Moon & Star
I hope people in the states like these pictures! If you're thinking about how unjust the world is for not letting you have the cutest coffee in existence, it's just a plane ride (or two or three) away!


  1. I need to check this place out!! I live near Shimonoseki (American married to a Japanese guy) I know some neat little places in Yamaguchi if you're interested contact me on FB (Benisha Abe) Plus I'd love to know more about Iwakuni