Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toys R Us

On a recent Hiroshima adventure with my friends Jackie and Malania, we shopped in "thrift stores" that have designer handbag sections! Jackie and Malania are connoisseurs of quality leather and taught me how to inspect a bag to ensure it's authenticity and how to appreciate a good bag!  I was thinking the designer bags would be under $100 since they're used and in a thrift store, but I was surprised to find them in glass display cases with price tags of up to $1000! Wow!

We found so many cute shops on this adventure and tried some real Hiroshima okonomiyaki (layers of egg, cabbage, and other veggies grilled in front of you) for lunch. 

The only picture I thought to take was at Toys R Us. I'm really interested in games kids play and the cultural significance of them. I didn't see any dollhouses in the store, but did see these: 

The pricetags on these were in the $500-700 range, so don't expect any as souvenirs. :) Isn't that a strange doll house though? I'm not sure how to play with them, but I did notice that the flowers are removable, maybe for kids to practice ikebana (flower arranging)?

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