Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmastime in Iwakuni

Joe was deployed in Guam  for the majority of the holiday season, but finally made it back with a few days to spare before Christmas. It was sad to decorate the house with no one to enjoy the twinkly lights with, but I'm thankful that Joe's deployments are as short as they are. 

On Joe's first full day back in Iwakuni, we bundled up and drove to Hiroshima to check out the Dreamination display along the Peace Boulevard, or Heiwa Odori. We hit Starbucks for fancy dessert drinks and used the heat to warm our hands as we checked out the crazy displays. 

Hearts all over the tree!
A kiss under the light tunnel :)

Cinderella's Slipper

A pretty tree/teepee with an entrance gate and peek into the inner-workings.

Yours truly and my favorite Marine reunited at last!
It was a gorgeous display and fascinating to see. Strangely, only 2% of Japanese label themselves as Christian, so I didn't see any nativity scenes or anything of religious significance. It's interesting to see how Christmas has been appropriated as an almost purely commercial spectacle in Japan.

Check out the next blog for another holiday highlight: My trip to Shunan Orphanage with a few of the Marines and families from our unit.

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  1. SO glad Joe made it back to do some Christmas celebrating with you! You look very happy together with the castle of lights behind you and the Irish 4 leaf clovers!!