Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eddie Update!

The puppy and I have been very busy lately. We're going on lots of walks and meeting lots of neighbors who can't resist his adorable face. I can't blame them.

Our neighborhood has some great scenery for long walks. Here are the lotus fields at the end of the growing season.

The lotus fields, a neighbor's house, and the sunset.

A picture from a walk at dusk.

Strike a pose!

These are some of the cutest kids in the neighborhood. 

The two little girls were fishing and ran over to play with Eddie when they saw him. The little boy is Filipino-American and loves Eddie too! These kids motivate me to learn Japanese! Kawaii!


Eddie loves his care package from my Grandma Anna! :P Thank you so much! He loves his lion the most but he has fun with all his toys. He will chase his basketball to the end of the earth. :)

Now, here's a chance to get up close and personal with Eddie. Most of his cuddle time comes after a bit of biting and being bad. I think he might be making progress, but it's the reality of puppyhood. Eddie's teeth are growing fast and I was going to just take a picture, but he moves so fast that a video helped me capture his teeth better. Then it turned into tickle torture. Enjoy!

I think these moves might be inspired by the following classic:

Then! A spoiler! If you want to be surprised by Eddie's Halloween costume this year, don't click "play" below. If you don't mind because you're on the other side of the world and you need more cute puppy videos; play on, playa!

The main reason why we call our pup "Eddie" is because it reminds us of this hilarious cartoon: 

In Japanese, mame means 'bean', so a mameshiba (Eddie's breed) is a bean-sized dog, or shiba. We saw it only fitting that he should dress up to explain his name to his friends. I guess it's similar to a dachshund dressing up as a hotdog for Halloween. One word: adorable.

Leave a message if you're lurking out there!


  1. Love the edamame!!! I laughed out loud watching him! I googled mameshiba when you first got him and watched so many of those little cartoons! Adorable puppy.

  2. My heart just melted watching him in his "Eddie" costume. OMG SO CUTE!!!!